I almost got raped or killed

I almost got raped or killed

Οκτ 2021
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First of all


I would really love if you don’t ask me my name because it is still a open investigation and the authority express me that i remain anonymous, that’s all.


So let get to the story


Also i have to say this fundraiser is about my story and also raise awareness about protect our self’s.


So let start from the beginning,


Last week i was going to my house from my college when suddenly i felt someone watching me and following me , so i start walking a little bit faster, until i stopped to catch my breath and approached me. By the first look he wasn’t aggressive or something. But that chanced in a second, when he came a little bit closer I started to worry because we were in a little isle in bright daylight and i thought that i will be okey because someone might come by and help me out of that situation but it didn’t happen. So i was in a isle with a stranger so i did what i have to do, i stood there and waited.


As he was talking to go for a date with me i just felt very uncomfortable so i said no, but he was insisted. When sometime later he approached to curb me i started lossing and i start to attack hid so i could escape him. Finally after four minutes that i was bit him up he grabbed me and sarted the hit so i could lose my consiousness. Last i flipped him and bit his head so i could call the police and an ambulance.


At the end


The police came after a stranger walk by a saw what happened and help me. I only escape with a miner bruise in my hand from all the pouncing and a few  cutes in my head.


And i was safe after all that the police told me that this man was carrying a knife, a  gun and drugs, I don’t know what i have done if he was pulled out one of this three in me now its been only 4 days since that day and i am still scared for my life. What if this man wakes up and try this time to kill me.


Last but not least if you want to ask anything i will answer it via this platform

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