Domestic violence victim

Domestic violence victim

Οκτ 2021
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Helping a victim of domestic violence from falling back into the hands of her predators and starting a better life for herself.

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Friends, this Give joy account has been created to support a 23 year old girl, Eman, from Pakistan.  Eman has been a victim of domestic violence and captivation at the hand of her father since a very young age. Her father is a very influential man and has made sure that no one would believe anything she has to say and has threatened her with getting her kidnapped, raped or even killed if she tries to run away.

The abuse has been to an extent where she is malnourished. For years she has lived in fear, and was constantly under threat of physical harm should she stay silent or choose to speak up. Eman has a great passion for education and always wanted to pursue her higher studies in aerospace. The pivotal moment for Eman was when her father forced her to quit her education at the very moment when she was finally getting good grades and excelling with her studies, so that she will not leave the house at all. A university degree has been the single most important desire for Eman.

She recently summoned all of her strength and courage, and ran away from her father for fear of her life. She could not stay in Pakistan and moved to UAE with money she arranged by selling most of her possessions.

Eman is in dire need of funds to restart her life in this new place. She has been trying to look for work but no one is willing to give any work for her to make a living. Hence, she needs funds initially to stand on her feet and survive until she finds proper work and then can finally afford her education. If she fails to find work or get enough money to extend her visa, she will have to go back to Pakistan where her father will be able to locate her again. 

Eman needs financial assistance in order to pay for basic life needs and visa fees. Your donation will go directly to Eman as she fights to get her life back. Please join the fight against domestic violence, and together let’s help lift Eman out of this dark place into one of love and light! 

I have already posted Eman’s initial plea for help on Facebook post she made when she decided to run away. Eman’s friends are initially handling this Give Joy account for her till she manages to settle down. Eman’s initial plea for help, which she wrote on Facebook to reach out to people:

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