Single Mother and Son Abandoned

Single Mother and Son Abandoned

Apr 2021
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Need Legal Help so Father can Legally Recognize His Child so he can have Basic Health Care and Child Support.

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I have been living in Greece nearly 4 years with my now 13 year old son. We tracked down his biological father who abandoned us when I told him I was pregnant. He refuses to legally recognize his son so that he does not have to pay child support. He has never given a cent due to the fact that I wanted to keep the child and he did not. I have been through sheer hell and back in a country that has failed to defend us against a sociopathic, pathological lying sorry excuse for a human. I have dealt with public servants in government offices all across Athens (there is not one door that I have not knocked on for help) and as soon as they hear my broken Greek they send me away to the next office. I have even gone to a church in tears practically begging for help because my son has no health insurance in the country since the father refuses to recognize him. If the bastard doesn’t want to pay child support at least recognize him so he can have health treatment but he refuses to do that also. Only the courts can make him do it but I have no money for lawyers.

The church sent me to their  offices that help needy but they wasted my time for more than a year because their lawyer didn’t want to help, she clearly didn’t think it was worth her time if she was not getting paid so she washed her hands of me and just suggested  I see their psychologists and social workers who did nothing but waste my time for more than a year. Why should I see a psychologist for the work of a devil who has left me in this position? I need legal help and health insurance for my son not psychologists. Not one person in 4 years has helped me, they send me from one office to the other and have made me crazy and then they offer psychologists on top of that? Is that their solution?

When we first arrived, the biological father tried to kick us out of the country by starving my son, purposely not giving him so much as a glass of milk on his birthday until I came from work to take him out for dinner, hitting him, causing dark bruises on his arms, manipulating me for 300 euro telling me he needed it for rent which was a lie and I stupidly gave it, stealing 400 euro from my son’s wallet (his whole life savings), telling me he needed it to look after him but he has never once bought him a single icecream, piece of chocolate or so much as a water. He sent him to school with one broken pencil and one measly sandwich. He told him he doesn’t need to do gym because he is not from here but the truth was and I found out later from the principal that the school required a medical certificate from the doctor saying he is fit to do gym. I immediately went to the doctor and got the form signed but of course I had to pay the doctor. The doctor charged me only 5 euro. So the truth was the son of a bitch didn’t want to go to the doctor and pay for the medical examination so he chose to let my son watch the other kids do gym from a bench instead. He also didn’t allow him to go to excursions because they too cost money so he stayed home on those days. His excuse was once again, you do not need to go because you are not Greek. I was working as a call centre operator so that I could survive, feed myself and my son and pay rent and bills the whole time this was going on so I did not know what was happening until much later when my son started telling me and I found out from the principal.

My work at the call centre gave parents 40 euro vouchers for school supplies and I gave them to the son of a bitch because I had no idea what was needed, nor could I understand Greek. The vouchers disappeared. I do not know what he did with them but I do know my son had one broken pencil when I rescued him from there and the kids of the devil’s sister had brand new school supplies and everything they needed.

The principal told me the devil and his sister also spread rumors to the school saying that I am a bad mother as they wanted to try and take custody of my son. Reason being they wanted to get a benefit from the government for him. There is no other reason they would want him since they tried to get rid of him by torturing him. They thought if he is going to be here, we might as well get money from him and then starve him. They were always asking me for his passport, saying things like if he gets caught without it by police he can get deported. My son was 9 at the time. Why would he get deported if I his mother is a European citizen. I never gave them the passport. He threatened me saying you either give us the passport or you take him away from our house.

I finally took him away when I saw him wondering the streets on his own from school one day. The unsafe streets that are full of shady characters and is scary for adults to walk on, my son was walking home alone at the age of nine. How long had it been going on I asked him. He said he always walked home alone. When we went back to pick up his things from the devil’s house the next day, the sister threatened to hit me, their father actually did hit me and the devil threatened to hit me when I called the police on his father. I am getting tired writing about it. After 3 years, the police contacted me to take the matter to court, I said I had forgotten about it after three years, and I did not have the energy because I was sick so I dropped the charges. He got away with everything.

We are still in Athens, I am still working for only 800 euro a month, paying 230 rent a month, internet, electricity, water, utilities in the apartment building I live, food shopping, clothes and shoes for my growing son, optometrist, glasses and new lenses constantly for my son who developed myopia since we have been here. The icing on the cake is that he has also now developed severe allergies and needs vaccinations once a month for five years ( a treatment called immunotherapy. Because he has no public health care, I need to pay for the injections full price 300 euro every five months. I need urgent help.

It seems unbelievable I know but it is true. I am still here because I have no money to return to Australia and I have nothing to return to anyway. I am a woman alone in the world and it is only with the help of God that I have made it so far. I have also been suffering from gynaecological pains for three years and was finally diagnosed with endometriosis which I am sure is from stress. There are times when I cannot take a deep breath. With no release from the constant stress and anxiety, it manifests inside your body in the form of illness eventually. My energy is limited and my days are spent working, cooking, cleaning and sleeping. I have no help either with my son for school work. Because I cannot read Greek I cannot help him and he is suffering.

I am asking for the help of strangers since my son needs medical treatment and I have no money left over after I pay for our cost of living, please help in your hearts with legal expenses so justice can be served. I am not asking for much, only for the right thing to be done according to the law, child support, and health care for my son. He is 13 years old. I have made it so far but I can no longer do it on my own. I am very fragile. Please help.

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