Love and Serve Without Boundaries

Love and Serve Without Boundaries

Aug 2022
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Love and Serve Without Boundaries was originally founded by a vision to help people on the streets 10 years ago.

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Love and Serve Without Boundaries was originally founded with a vision to help people on the streets 10 years ago.

Waves of migration across the Mediterranean in the last decade have led to an enduring refugee crisis in Athens. Refugees receive little help from the government, which attempts only to facilitate their emigration while providing little in the way of meaningful support.


LSWB provides language classes to displaced peoples in order to ease their integration into European society, and nursery care for refugee children while their parents work or seek jobs. We also coordinate donations of food, clothing and pharmaceutical products to ensure women and children receive critical support.


Everyone should be able to live in dignity. Through our work we hope to create the conditions needed to honor people’s dignity by securing a job, integrating into society and emancipating themselves.


We are completely run by volunteers.


We believe in the power of kindness to foster positivity and opportunity. It is a mutual act, uplifting both giver and receiver. Sustained contributions of time, money and supplies are what have allowed us to maintain our learning center and storage depot.


What will your money be used for?


Our three-floor center enables daycare and teaching every weekday, 7.30 – 6.00 pm. We need your help to keep it a clean, safe and constructive learning environment. Depending on the amount raised, we will be purchasing as many as possible of the following: Children’s toys, school supplies, cleaning supplies, maintenance work and eventually a new facility.



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