Help for Mitis the cat

Help for Mitis the cat

Nov 2021
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Mitis is a one year old kitty. Until now she was always very healthy and energetic, but it has changed few days we must fight for her life, we pray to bring her back home, healthy and happy.

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This week my beloved Mitis started being off. First, she started drooling and smacking her mouth, then she started peeing on the bed with a very strong smell.Very soon after, she started being catatonic.


22.11 – Her first visit to the vet. We had basic blood tests done, everything was perfect, and she received two boosting shots. The vet told us to come on next day again.


23.11 – Mitis was back in the game after visit in the vet. She was being her old self again, but obviously it was due to the magic of boosting shots. The vet was happy to see progress, and Mitis received two more boosting shots before coming back home. For the next two days, everything was fine. She was eating, drinking her water and sleeping normally. She was in quite a good mood.


26.11 – It was first time ever, that she didn’t wake me up to feed her early in the morning. When I woke up, I’ve found her sleeping and drooling a bit again. She didn’t react for me opening her food. She had problems with eating her food then,, but in three hours she ate it all, which normally was gone in minutes. She didn’t drink her water, instead she was hanging above her water bowl, which I know is never good sign.


I’ve called the vet immediately and scheduled appointment for the same day.


The whole examination process took us 3 hours. Three different blood examinations. We excluded leukemia, we are waiting for FIP and an ultrasound specialist for her kidneys, because the right one seems to have a genetic anomaly, although it is unclear. We had an ultrasound today but the doctors couldn’t specify what is wrong. We know that her kidneys are not okay after doing examinations today due to high protein levels and high white blood cell levels. She’s currently being kept in the veterinarian’s office for monitoring.


She is my first cat after my mom died four years ago. She is only one year old, she is so young, and she is my beloved little baby…I want to make sure and all I can to bring her back home and let her live many years. We are students and it’s hard for us to cover all the medical expenses at the moment, that’s why we ask you for help. Please help us bring her back home.


She’s being treated at the veterinarian’s center by highly professional doctors, yet we still need all the help we can get. YOU can make a big difference in her life and make sure she comes back home to us. We are grateful for every cent.

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