Heart Surgery for my little princess :'(

Heart Surgery for my little princess :'(

Aug 2019
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I just to make her life back like other normal child again :'(

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Every parents would want a baby to be born healthy and not lacking anything. However, what if the reality is not the case?

At that time Qiara was only 4 days old when I learned that he had Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) or commonly referred to in Indonesia as Congenital Heart Disease. The doctor said that my child had several abnormalities in his heart (it is now known that Yardan’s heart disorder is Tetralogy of Fallot with PA, VSD, Mapcas).

In essence, he has several holes in his heart and also very small blood vessels from the heart to the lungs. After hearing the news, as a new parent, this chest feels very tight, very painful. I can’t imagine what that little baby would have to go through later.

As a parent of course I have to be strong, I have to be able to protect my baby with as much effort as possible. But a month early after giving birth no day that I passed without crying.

Doctors say the only way to fix heart in a child with CHD is surgery and usually the child’s development will go better after the operation is done. Unfortunately after the process of catheterization and MSCT-Scan, surgeons in Indonesia reported being unable to operate on Qiara. They said the operation was too difficult to carry out and advocated for operations overseas.

The pediatric cardiologist who examined Qiara said that her life expectancy was uncertain. I heard everything was like numbness. Indeed, doctors say that the development of medical technology will continue. We as parents must not despair and keep praying, hopefully someday there will be hope for healing Qiara. It seems I also have to learn more about sincere science.

But I did not stop trying, after many meeting colleagues to find out about my child’s treatment and I also did research on the internet, one of the best choices for my child was taken to Parkway East Hospital in Singapore. After getting as much information as possible, I like finding light in a dark cave, but I still have to think hard to take my child there, what I think is the cost that is not cheap and the estimate I get is around 180 million rupiahs. I do have savings, but still far below the estimated cost of treatment. Hopefully with the fundraising on this website, it can help me, my wife and my daughter so she can continue her lives like other normal children. May God bless us all and always provide abundant health, longevity, and sustenance so that we can continue to live this beautiful life that God has created for us all.

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