Emergency need for diapers / food

Emergency need for diapers / food

Jul 2019
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My 3 month old is almost out of diapers need Tylenol and food and my boyfriend works three jobs and we still don’t have any money and he doesn’t get paid for another week and we have $8

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Could really use some help to get diapers and food. I hate asking but we’re in need more then ever now 😞

I had my daughter April 2019 unfortunately money was so tight we went a couple days without eating , on top of it we couldn’t pay any credit bills so now everything is over due and we owe tons of money. I had a miscarriage prior to that and my insurance had dropped me so I’m also in medical debt already. Plus I have really bad endometriosis so I have surgery about every 2-3 years and my endometriosis has been really bad since having my daughter . But that isn’t the hard part I live in a stressful home (home where my dad lives who sexually assaulted me as a kid but I had no where else to go, yes I reported it they wouldn’t arrest him because they had no proof and yes I keep my child away from him she’s always with me) with Parents with my boyfriend and daughter and I breastfeed her and my supply is dropping so low I’m barley able to feed her anymore (because of stress , I stayed at my grandmas for a week and pumped a bunch ) and Wic won’t cover the similac pro advanced formula for her. My boyfriend works three jobs while I stay home so I can feed my daughter and don’t have child care bills we can’t afford either, we have one car with a car payment and both our credit is shot so we can’t even try to get an apartment till that is fixed and we’re struggling to even have food for dinner and I need the nutrients for my daughter but my parents already go to the food bank and we live in the same house so we can’t and they don’t give us the food we have to buy and store our own food or they will even eat ours. On top of it we’re running out of the diapers and wipes we got at the baby shower and I’m not sure what we’re gonna do. I’m beyond stressed because we can barley afford to eat even with my boyfriend working three jobs and I can’t do anything about it . I really always love helping people in my life and I’m just hoping that someone could help my little family , my 3 month old and me really need it .

It would be very appreciated

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