Car Repairs After Accident

Car Repairs After Accident

Jun 2019
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A Drunk Driver left us Carless.

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On Mother’s Day, at 2 o’clock in the morning, a young 23 year old college student, driving under the influence of alcohol, blew through an intersection with a blinking red light and hit Alfred while driving two passengers home through Lyft . On the day we were supposed to be joyful and full of family, our world turned upside down. The car he was driving was his last wish for us when she was dying. Unfortunately, we overlooked the details of our current insurance policy, thinking that if Lyft accepted it “as is” we were covered for the important stuff. How wrong we were. Currently, the insulin rates for the state of Michigan are high, very high. We tried our best to reduce the costs where we could and maintain that minimal safety coverage. Unfortunately these costs did not include collision, much to our despair. Now we are faced with a bill we have no way to pay, and a limited time to pay it. The drunk driver? In a no fault state like ours, their company only sends about $ 1000 to cover any damages leaving us with the hefty bill still to pay. And Lyft? Apparently since we do not have a collision, we are not covered by them, either. And because by luck and quick thinking, Alfred was uninjured (at least physically, though he suffers from ptsd now) in the crash, we can not even find retribution from that driver who decided to get into his car late that night, and drive intoxicated putting many lives at risk. So now we turn to help, desperate to find a way to keep our car. The collision center will not hold it for long, and they charge storage fees at $ 50 a day. Please help us. Our lives have turned upside down due to a mad man with a car, and our own ignorance. I hate asking for money, but we are desperate. Thank you.

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