Campaigns Map

  1. Glossa Cats

    Donated: €20.00 Goal: €2,000.00

    There are hundreds of cats on the streets in the little village Glossa on the Greek island Skopelos. They are…

  2. Βοήθησε την Ροξάν να ξαναδεί

    Donated: €15.00 Goal: €1,800.00

    Η γλυκιά αυτή μποξερίνα, ένα υπέροχο πλάσμα, που αγαπάει όλον τον κόσμο και τον γεμίζει γλωσσόφιλα και αγκαλιές είναι σχεδόν…

  3. Pc setup & streaming

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €2,000.00

    I’ve always wanted to start gaming on a pc but I never had the money to build a set up.…

  4. Donate to buy a car

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €20,000.00

    My car is falling apart and I’m try to raise money to get a new car that i need for…

  5. Save animals from fire!

    Donated: €1.00 Goal: €5,000.00

    Ας βοηθήσουμε όλοι μαζί τα τραυματισμένα άγρια, δεσποζομενα ή αδέσποτα ζώα από τις πυρκαγιές στην Ελλάδα. Τα χρήματα θα καλύψουν…


    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €5,000.00

    Donations will go to private people impacted by the wild fires also to national parks. I will keep updating what…

  7. Shadow’s Operation

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €4,500.00

    ​My Dog shadow got an early Hip dysplasia Due to bad breeding from his previous owners, when i first got…

  8. Homeless couple

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €5,000.00

    And the story beggins…it’s about a young couple and their every-day-strugle to get by with dignity.   Fotis had a…

  9. Single Mother and Son Abandoned

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €3,000.00

    Hi, I have been living in Greece nearly 4 years with my now 13 year old son. We tracked down…

  10. Family together

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €1,000.00

    We are a family of 4, me, my partner, our unborn baby and our cat. Life has brought that we…

  11. Support to Doukas

    Donated: €50.00 Goal: €6.00

    Ο Δούκας μας είναι ο ίδιος κουτάβι 10 μηνες γενγαντόσωμης ράτσας (τσοπανόσκυλο) το όργανο που παρασχέθηκε 40 ώρες που απαιτήθηκαν…

  12. A wig for every woman

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €3,000.00

    Hair loss in women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment can be depressing, leading to anxiety, social phobia, and despair. During…

  13. Studies costs

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €3,000.00

    ​Hi everyone! I don’t usually do this, but the Corona virus situation brought me here. So, a little things about…

  14. Home for Artist

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €30.00


  15. Help an unemployed father

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €1,000.00

    Unemployed father since October 2019 with a wife and 2 kids, need around 650 euro for food , groceries and…

  16. Help my daughter

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €5,000.00

    Very Hard to pay for expenses on my own. I hope for your kind heart

  17. Makarios hospital

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €10,000.00

    with this money we will offer them medical, clothes and toys. every contribution for these kids is huge. thank you…

  18. Amelic

    Donated: €17.50 Goal: €400.00

    Voithiste tin mpizimi

  19. Help me pay my tuition life costs

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €1,900.00

    I\’m a university student in Athens , I will be happy to collect money from friends and family in order…

  20. Buy me a 3ds

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €200.00

    I need a 3ds to have some more fun with my friends and family and to help me be more…