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  1. I need help to save my pet.

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €100.00
  2. Need money for my mushroom farming

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €1,815.00

    Iam a poor person and i want to start my mushroom farming business and i don’t have enough money to…

  3. Pay debt

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €30,000.00

    I am a lower middle class struggling for my family to extricate them from burden of debt and poverty, i…

  4. Help me to Study abroad in japan

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €2,500.00

    مرحباً بالجميع ، اسمي علي ،  أحب اليابان إنها الثقافة واللغة والطعام اللذيذ وبالطبع الأشخاص الذين يجيدون رأيي! حلمت منذ…

  5. Heart Surgery for my little princess :'(

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €5,000.00

    Every parents would want a baby to be born healthy and not lacking anything. However, what if the reality is…

  6. Help Ella with needed medication

    €0.00 donated

    My 10 year old baby Ella needs heart tablets for congenital heart failure- called Fortikor – i cannot afford these…

  7. For My medical repaymeant

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €15,000.00

    Iam 21 and iam a. A college dropout engineering… I recently met an accident and cannot able to do work…

  8. Yemen, the worst famine in 100 years

    Donated: €488.00 Goal: €10,000.00
  9. Help poor people in India

    Donated: €22.00 Goal: €5,000.00
  10. Car Repairs After Accident

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €15,000.00

    On Mother’s Day, at 2 o’clock in the morning, a young 23 year old college student, driving under the influence…

  11. Empower Ephrance Nabunya with a wheel Chair and Vocational Training

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €1,000.00

    This campaign budget is $1,000. $405 will provide vocational training. $405 for startup capital, $189 will provide a wheel chair.…

  12. Breaking My Silent Scream

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €3,000.00

    Dearest Joy Givers- I’ve created this Account in hopes of a blessing to help my mom, myself and my dog…

  13. Need few dollar for education purpose

    Donated: €50.00 Goal: €250.00

    Hi I am Prithviraj, I am 22 years old pursuing my studies, I just need some money for my education…

  14. Help omar to begain new life

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €8,000.00
  15. Help us grow our family

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €5,000.00

    We are asking for help with expenses.  We both give to others and volunteer where we can.   We are excited…

  16. Richard Asare

    Donated: €0.00 Goal: €3,000.00

    Name: Richard Asare   Contact: +233559924120   City: Ho   Region: Volta Region   Country: Ghana     PROPOSAL FOR…

  17. Support Animals

    Donated: €30.00 Goal: €500.00